New Era of bug reporting.

Website Security

Secure your website from thousand of hackers around the world.

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Mobile/Network Security

FindBUG offers detection and reporting of security bugs in mobile apps and network infrastructions.

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Bug Hunting

Your click will involve thousend of hackers working for you. Find, validate and fix your bugs.

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Hacker as Service?

FindBUG masterminded the best formula to improve your skills and earn a lot of money. We will pay in triaged, find your accomodation to our umbrella.

  • Look for available programs
  • Find Vulnerabilities
  • Draft a clear report
  • Wait 48h while your report will be validated
  • Turn your valid bug to money for five working days
  • Hack & Earn

What we have done

Over the past three years, we identified, interviewed and reqruited more than 100 hackers, that are willing to support with their knowledge in Enhancing Cyber Security capacities.

FindBUG organized and hosted three workshops with unique character called 'The DAY when hacking is legal' for bug hunters from Kosovo and Region, the workshop got a broadly quite interest outsite the borders.

Findbug within stakeholders motivated the hackers with bountry price pool of 13'000Euros, and issued the detailed report of security vulnerabilities to 9 Governement institutions and 14 private businesses.

  • Bugs Reported
  • Active Hackers
  • Active Programs
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XSS Challenge by FindBUG.

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RTK Live

Qindra hakerë kompjuterik nga e gjithë bota zbresin në Prishtinë

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RTV 21

Vjen “Dita kur hakimi është legal” në Kosovë

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“FindBUG is the best security platform ever! They understood our need so fast and gave us really professional results! I highly recommend them to everybody! 5 Stars”
Edmond Hajrizi
Client test 2
“We are so excited with the results and quality of the bugs reported by our public program within FindBUG. We as the biggest media in Kosovo, we needed some trusted services and company like Findbug is, I recommend everyone at least to try it.”
Egzon Bunjaku
“You are doing such a great job. Thank you for helping us make our system more more secure. Now our IT guys are sleeping much better than ever before.”
Rrustem Loshi

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